Saturday, 3 May 2014

Volunteers work@Amiyapur by Tsc Volunteers

On 5th April, few associates from Tata Consultancy Services visited ESI and were inspired to witness the work ESI is engaged in. Jayesh Bhai spent some time with about 15 TCSers and spoke about values in heart
to heart connection. It was wonderful to observe the culmination of hard core professionals and about 10 girls from loving community (village in Vastral where leprosy impacted people stay). Aruna a leader from loving community shared her journey that how she come from parents who are impacted with leprosy and how the faith instilled and shown in her from Jayesh bhai is now blossoming in the community. There is loving team consisting of about 20 girls from the community, all  inspired by her and all the gearing towards taking responsibility and continuing education. Listening to Aruna, moved many TCSers. Mohita Trivedi, an engineer reflected about the values she learned from her parents, Sujeet Chhanpura, shared how he assisted a cancer patient from Amritsar who came to Ahmedabad relying on him, whom he didn’t know at all. 
 The seeds were already sown, ESI campus and team assisted in nurturing. On 12th April, about 20 TCSers came together and visited Amiapur and Sugadh village to understand the issues at hand. They conversed with teachers, parents, principal and village leaders. Towards the end, they assembled at ESI campus and reflected what can be done. An outcome of that was to focus on education, particularly primary education. Amit Maheshwari, an engineer and MBA, was already volunteering in Sugadh primary school, he took the lead for Sugadh and Mohita, Ashish and Sujeet took the lead in Amiapur school.
Considering the summer vacation, volunteers decided to conduct summer camp from 21st to 26th April. Currently, about 30 volunteers are engaged in hosting the summer camp in Sugadh, Amiapur and DhaulaKuwa villages. The theme of the summer camp is to have fun while engaging the children in drawing, painting, playing  and value based video showcasing around the theme of my world.
 On 21st April, there were ony 30 children in Sugadh and about 20 in Amiapur but on 23rd April there were about 80 children in Sugadh and about 70 in Sugadh. Its inspiring to witness small acts making a difference in lives of both children and TCS volunteers. ESI, being a catalyst is instrumental in providing a space to reflect
to ponder and to learn what can be done with love and compassion.

An experience sharing from a volunteer at Sugadh primary school : by Dipen Adroja : I have been going to
Sughad from last three days and it was a great experience that I had. The kids are involved too much in all the activities and they are also enjoying it thoroughly. I think todays sanitation drive is going to help inspreading awareness among all the students as well as people around them as it is going to be a word of mouth.Though these are very small kids still few of them are holding full responsibility of the school assets however there are certain challenges that we need to address such as many students of 5th - 6th standard are not able to write many words in Gujrati which is the medium of education so we can imagine the level of other fundamentals/basics.So, If we could do something to uplift this then it can help them in many ways.  Though it is a great start but there is still a long way to go and it is very important for us to keep on going with this enthusiasm and spirit.

We do believe in removing dirt from out rooms. But we also believe in throwing it in the street without regard to the well-being of society. We ate clean as individuals, but not as members of the society of the nation of which the individual is but a tiny part.

-     Mahatma Gandhiji.

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