Saturday, 3 May 2014

Anganwadi Renovation at Amiyapur village.

Anganwadis are the primary centers of learning for preschool age children in the district.  In Amiyapur's
school, an anganwadi space was created but without any of the beauty necessary for true learning.  Shailash decided to contribute to the anganwadi by creating a content-rich, beautiful environment.

It is only that unclean which appears to the eye as unclean? If there is even a little dirt on what is white. We feel annoyed; but the black may have any amount of dirt on it and we care not at all!-Gandhiji

Our goal is to create a learning space with values at the school.  We've begun an Anganwadi Beautification Project.  Instead of ugly walls, we're painting the walls with slogans and pictures.  We're putting up the
ABCs, pictures of saints, flowers, organs, the basics...and writing their names underneath in Hindi and English.

The government has many free education resources for children.  We're making sure the children have access to them.  Although the children had access to good nutrition through the government, we also want to make sure they get brain and motor nutrition through toys.  We're collecting donations and we hope to have a beautiful anganwadi center for the children of Amiyapur. 

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