Saturday 3 May 2014

Multipurpose Hall Inauguration at Pedhamali School

International volunteer visit:
On 3rd Feb international volunteers from Japan, New York , California and from different parts of India visited Pedhambali village. For many it was the first ever visit to a village.

When there is both inner and outer cleanliness. It becomes next to godliness- Gandhiji.

The underlying purpose of the visit was to strengthen the echo system while encouraging Jaldeep bhai’s work and engaging with school teachers. The visit provided a platform for sharing and learning amongst volunteers
and villagers.
ESi is working in the village with women, youngsters and children since last 10 months. We have witnessed promotion and inculcation of good habits in students.
One of the generous multimillionaire Kantibhai shah, who belongs to the village gifted certain amount to construct a multipurpose hall for students. Inspired by Jaldeep bhai and Snehal behn’s devotion, Kantibhai contributed for the welfare of the students of the village. ESI teams frequent visits coupled with transforming sharings moved Kantibhai and many other villagers who also contributed their share in the construction of the hall.
On the inauguration function, which was attended by
ESI volunteers, kids performed on stage and exhibited their enhanced confidence. Efforts of Jaldeep bhai, Snehal behn and school teachers were  visible in form of dance, drama, poetry and singing done by students.
Organizers of the program invited  all the volunteers of ESI on  the dais and introduced. We shared the humble efforts we are putting in the village. Suresh bhai  shared ESI’ goal to make Pedhambali an ideal village while making every program driven by local people only. ESI is also creating opportunities  for learning and sharing amongst each other.
Mia Tagano, a volunteer from California built compassionate bonding with students and villagers. On request she did a peacock dance on stage. Everyone enjoyed and cherished the humility and cheerfulness of Mia.

Uncleanliness of the mind is far mote dangerous that of the body. The latter, however is an indication of the former.

 Followed by that, volunteers engaged with villagers. It was wonderful to witness how smiles became a mode of interaction as many villagers couldn’t understand English but Smile indeed. 
A householder invited everyone in her home, a simple gathering turned into an auspicious satsanga, wherein many village ladies joined in and sang devotional songs and bhajans.

It was a day to witness the spirit of surrender.

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