Saturday, 3 May 2014

Amiyapur Medical Camp for Women

On 3rd January 2014, 35 women from Amiyapur took part in a free medical camp that ESI, in
Partnership with Kanoriya hospital, organized. No men were included in this program, as we specifically wanted to focus on the gynecological needs of women.

Women in Amiyapur are busy throughout the entire day, tending to farming and home duties. It is rare for them to have free time, or any time to consider how their health is faring before a problem arises. Given their labor-intensive schedules that prevent them from leaving the house and lack of health awareness and values, the
women are prone to developing preventable diseases that could be challenging to treat given their poverty level. In addition, given the prevalence of male doctors in the area, women typically shy away from sharing their gynecological issues. For this rea

son, we took the initiative to bring a team of female doctors from Kanoriya hospital to the community, sparing the women the expense of transportation, time away from home, and embarrassment of having to share their problems with male doctors. The purpose of the medical
camp was to give as many health check ups as possible, catch illnesses, and follow-up with treatment as necessary.

In preparation for the camp, I went door-to-door in Amiyapur with two female volunteers sharing with all the women in the village about the program and importance of it. Generating interest was a difficult process due to the lack of health awareness, education, and busy schedules. In all, 35 women took part in the camp. Though not a large number relative to the amount of households, we expect those who are feeling better now and who had a positive experience, will encourage others to come during the next camp.

Silence above all- Gandhiji

Easily treatable problems were treated on the spot with free medication and advice. More serious issues were diagnosed and the doctors conducted the necessary follow up directly. All in all, it was a successful program that we were happy to undertake.

Background Information:

ESI has been conducting sanitation, health, and hygiene related programs in Amiyapur for over a year. I visit the community every week to conduct follow up, often with volunteers and MSW students.

Our basic program structure here (and generally) contained the following activities:

  Showing of inspirational movies with community members that support sanitation and hygiene values, and discussion around them.

  Bhajans and satsanghs with residents.

  Gram safai. Sweeping of public spaces, trash collection, and distribution of dust bins made from empty oil cans.

  Painting of positive sayings and slogans.

  Private meetings with residents for discussions on how to improve conditions in the community.

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