Saturday 3 May 2014

The pilgrimage tour of sanitation from Vanthal, Amiyapur & Pedhmali villages

Since last 1 year we have been working in the villages of Amiyapur, Pedhmali and Vanthal. Through the medium of our service on wheels (Nandini mobile van) we
integrated a holistic activity for a period of 3 time in the villages and during these activities, we were able to establish a beautiful relationship with villagers. Because of the feeling of a close knit family, we felt the need to introduce them to our organization and the initiatives of CBCC .
We chose 80 from Vanthal, 35 from amiyapur and 65 from pedhmali people including the youth, the village sarpanch, panchayat representatives, preschool workers, primary school teachers and the women groups. The selected people were brought to the ESI campus at Sughad through Bus and private higher vehicles.  They were welcomed with great celebrations that included music and tagging of broom, water drop and latrine model tags. After that they were provided tea and snacks. We then too them
on a campus darshan that taught that there is nothing called waste and everything is invest.  They were then taken to Sattva hall where we invited guests like Shri Dollyben And Shri Manglesh bhai representative from CBCC and ESI Director- Jayeshbhai. The session started with Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite bhajan – Vaishnava Jan to. After that the participants themselves welcomed the guests. The session was inaugurated with lighting the lamp. Then Sureshbhai introduced the project and the guests to the participants

Then guests shared their thoughts and feelings about the project wherein the CBCC
representative Shri Dollyben also shared his thoughts on the project and the various activities. Suresh spoke on importance of toilets and the support of the government on building toilets and how to avail the support of the government for building toilets. Jayeshbhai shared his experience about the village and how you can support each other and build an ideal village. The most important thing that he shared was that the village will change if you change yourself. How to change bad habits and become an ideal model for others. How the participants can start this and then multiple these changes in others. He said that ‘Trips to the toilet will save trips to the doctor ‘. He spoke about spirituality and inner cleanliness. He also shared his father’s dedication for toilet-sanitation.

Lastly Sureshbhai shared the future steps of the initiative. After a five minute silence they had group photograph post which all them dispersed towards Annapurna to have lunch. They enjoyed the entire experience and this reflected in the smiles on the faces on everyone. The volunteer team served food to the participants. Everyone enjoyed the food like a Prasad. Then they were taken to the Safai Vidyalaya where they saw the newly built toilet café, learnt how make ideal home, ideal street and ideal village. And then the
Pilgrimage place Sabarmati Ashram where Gandhiji stayed for 12 years where they learnt about the life and death of Gandhi, saw Hruday Kunj where he lived. The intention behind taking them there was to introduce them to Gandhi’s concept of Gram swaraj and his dream of an ideal village that is self sustainable in all respects. Then we told them inspirirational stories of Vinoba bhave, Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi.  We spent more than and 2.5 hrs in
Gandhi Ashram. Then we took them to Manav Sadhna where taught how to provide value based education to little children and how to enhance the talent the skill in children and help them realize their true potential. Then we also took them to Ashram school where more than 150 children live and study together and create and apply good values there in their day to day lives. This went on till 5.30 p.m and returned their villages with renewed spirit and energy.

They promised to all of us that they will start with themselves and make cleanliness, a value.

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